Men’s Health Month

People are now living longer lives than ever, but still, men aren’t living as long as women. The average life expectancy for men in the US is now roughly 75 years. For women, it’s more than 80.

A leading reason for the longevity gap between men and women is that men don’t take care of themselves as well as women do. By following these tips, men can increase their odds of living healthier, longer lives.


  1. See your doctor regularly. Make an appointment if you feel perfectly healthy or think it’s a minor cold. It can be easy to delay seeking medical care, but prompt medical care can make a big difference. Also, take medications, vitamins, and supplements only as directed. When you visit your doctor, bring any medicines, vitamins, herbs, etc. that you are taking. Why? Because the more medicines you take, the more likely you are to experience side effects, even from medicines bought over the counter at the pharmacy. Always check with your doctor before taking any new medicines of any kind.


  1. Lower your risk of fractures. Get plenty of bone-healthy calcium and vitamin D daily. Talk to your healthcare provider about the right dosage for you. In addition to this do weight-bearing, bone-building exercises like walking, jogging, and weightlifting. It’ll tone up your heart, circulation, and muscles; strengthen bones; boost brain function; lift your mood; and prevent and ease depression. If you exercise with others, you also get the fun and benefits of their company. Your doctor can help you come up with an exercise program that’s right for you.


  1. Workout your brain. Join a book or discussion club. Sign up for a class at the local library, senior center, or community college (some offer free classes for older adults). Do word puzzles, number puzzles, jigsaw puzzles – whatever interests you. Make sure you challenge your brain by trying new things and playing against the clock instead of doing the same exercises. AARP provides free games of all kinds, to play alone or with others. Most importantly, spend time with others. It gives your brain a boost and lifts your mood


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