Protect Your Joints

Aches and pains are a part of aging. While these aches and pains come in different ways, they’re most noticeable in the joints. Joint pain can make walking, sitting, or standing painful and challenging. Plus, it may lead to issues such as loss of mobility & range of motion, increased fall risk, decreased flexibility, strains, sprains, and dislocations. The good news is there are ways for seniors to enjoy a comfortable, pain-free life.

  • Low-Impact

Exercise improves overall joint health. At first, it will be uncomfortable, but slow and steady wins the race. Your best option is low-impact routines. These include elliptical machines, stationary bikes, yoga, pilates, stretching, walking, and anything in the water. Swimming, water aerobics or even walking laps in a pool are great ways to get the joints moving without any pressure from outside forces. If it’s your rest day still stretch in the morning and before bed to keep muscles loose and healthy. Stretching also releases pressure on the joints.

  • Posture

Poor posture has a major impact on the human body. Standing and sitting up straight doesn’t just protect your neck, it protects joints all the way down to your knees. You can naturally improve your posture by strengthening your core. A strong core gives you the muscles you need to protect your joints. No need to overdo it with core work just add simple core routines to start maintaining better posture.

  • Weight

A healthy lifestyle is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. Low-impact exercises are a good start to losing weight, but other lifestyle changes also reduce joint pain. Think about this, 25lbs. can be almost 100 extra pounds of force on your joints every day. Make sure your diet is full of fatty acids, Omega-3s, and vitamin D that can come from foods like salmon, avocados, cod, flax seeds, coconut oil, etc. For inflammation you can eat nuts, just make sure to watch the salt. If you prefer supplements, consider vitamin C or pepper cream to reduce inflammation. Avocado and soy supplements also ease joint inflammation as well.

Joint pain isn’t something you have to accept as part of aging. There are plenty of simple things to do so your joints are as healthy and as mobile, as you are.


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