Why Seniors Need A Medical Alert System

Christmas is just a few weeks away and gifting an older loved one is not always the easiest task. Have you considered a medical alert system? Medical alert systems allow seniors to call for help, literally at the press of a button. A trained professional speaks to the senior about the situation and either guides them to a solution or gets them the help they need. They’re easier to use than phones and easier to carry. Here are 3 reasons why elders benefit from them. 



As we age, we naturally slow down and even a super-fit senior can get easily injured. Why? Because we lose muscle mass, core strength, elasticity, and cartilage as time goes on.

An alert system doesn’t replace general healthcare. It’s still important to get routine checkups with their doctor, but It will ensure immediate help. These systems go through a monitoring facility rather than 911, therefore, it encourages seniors to use it even if they’re not sure the situation is urgent. 


You want your loved one to always be safe and well taken care of. At the same time, you must acknowledge the fact that they’ve spent their lives taking care of themselves or others. So, giving up their independence may not be something they’re ready for. That’s why this type of technology is available. Medical alert systems are at the ready 24/7 / 365 days but is only accessed when the senior feels in need. This way they retain their independence, control, and privacy, but still, have support available.

Guaranteed Assistance

The family consensus may be to keep the care for your loved one in-house. Everyone is well-intentioned, but life’s responsibilities often conflict with care schedules. This makes it challenging to “be there” all the time. Providing 24/7/ 365 days support is not easy. Alleviate some of that stress with an alert system, they’re always active and monitored.


If the attention and care your loved one needs cannot be covered with a medical alert system maybe it’s time to consider a nursing home. The Little Nursing Home of Montclair, NJ offers a cozy and calm atmosphere with the comforts of home. Call or email us for more info to schedule a tour.

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