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We all want to stay fit and mobile as we age, and one of the ways we can do that is through physical therapy. Here at the Little Nursing Home, we’re proud to provide on-site, professional physical therapy for our residents. These services can help your loved one recover from surgery or injury, or simply stay active for as long as possible. Using targeted exercises, supervised by a qualified therapist, these programs can greatly improve our patients’ quality of life. We understand that, especially when staying in an assistive living facility, leaving for physical therapy appointments often isn’t feasible. This is why we offer so many of these services right here on our grounds.

There are plenty of people who offer physical therapy for seniors in New Jersey, but we stand above the rest with our cozy home-like atmosphere, high staff-to-patient ratio, and wide selection of enrichment services. If your aging parent or loved one has been struggling with mobility or range of motion, our physical therapy can be helpful. With the right exercises and support, our patients can enjoy greater flexibility, lower pain levels, and feel capable of more healthy activity. 

The Little Nursing Home is glad to provide on-site physical therapy for our residents. We believe this is a vital piece of overall well-being and longevity! Reach out to speak with one of our staff members today, to learn more.

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