3 Easy Apps for Seniors to Connect with Loved Ones

Studies have proven human connection impacts our physical and mental health. According to Mental Health America, social connection increases happiness, improves health, and lengthens life expectancy. This contact becomes even more important as we age. It is common for seniors to feel lonely and isolated, and more so in the midst of a pandemic. When friends and family are not nearby, in-person quality time is difficult to come by, so we came up with a shortlist of simple apps to help stay connected.

  1. Facebook

People aged 65 and older are the fastest-growing population on Facebook. The main reason they chose this platform is its popularity. 69% of Americans are on Facebook, which makes sharing photos, videos, and updates with family easy.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is a snap. Facebook also offers many different groups and pages for a variety of interests and backgrounds.  Seniors can meet people that share similar activities, volunteer opportunities, hobbies, travel, etc., and swap ideas. By simply posting a question for a recommendation, new opportunities are open to them.

  1. FaceTime

FaceTime is a video and audio app that comes already installed on iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you already own an Apple iOS device, FaceTiming is as easy as making a phone call. It’s a nice way to see friends and family. You can also Group FaceTime. Just start a group iMessage with the people you’d like to FaceTime and in contacts click the “FaceTime” icon. If you don’t have an iPhone, try installing the app “Duo” which basically allows for video calls regardless of the operating system.

  1. Marco Polo

Do you have a friend or family member who never answers the phone or often forgets to call you back? Marco Polo might be a good way to connect with them.

It’s like a “walkie-talkie” app that allows you to send videos and messages to friends. It records and stores video messages between you and anyone connected to you. With Marco Polo, you respond on your own time. This makes it easier to get visual time with loved ones who have hectic schedules and can’t pause to communicate.

Using new apps and learning a new tech skill doesn’t have to be intimidating for seniors. Getting familiar with new technology always has a learning curve and it may take a few days to get used to them.  


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