Tips for Choosing the Right Nursing Home


Making the decision to move a loved one to a nursing home or assisted living facility is difficult. One of the main concerns for families is that their loved one be treated with the best medical care as well as respect and consideration.

The choices for senior care can seem overwhelming, but the reality is, many nursing homes will not be the best fit for your family member. There are steps you can take to ensure the right decision is made for your loved one’s new home.

Aside from word of mouth, online research is the best place to begin when looking for a nursing home. Various websites have reviews from residents and their families, that provide a clear picture of the facility, as well as provide insight to the well-being and happiness of those living at the home. Other online resources provide specific data on nursing homes, regarding quality of care or violations. You can enter a zip code and compare nursing homes within any geographic area.

Look for Serious Infractions.

Nursing home abuse is unfortunate and must not be taken lightly when deciding on a place for your family member. If infractions are frequent and egregious, it is probably best to look elsewhere.

Should you tour a nursing home, pay attention to the manner in which the staff communicates with residents. This can provide a window into how your loved one may be treated. Anything less than kindness and respect could be a red flag.

Some of the leading nursing homes have limited turnover, with staff who have been there for many years. This is an excellent sign. When a nursing home has a high staff turnover rate, it may be an indication of several things, none of which are optimal for your family member.

Are the Residents Engaged?

The best nursing homes provide their residents with a variety of activities, including exercise, games, and the chance to interact as a society and with the local community. Social activities are important to senior’s well-being and is something you should inquire about when touring a nursing home.

How is the facility kept?

Messy bedrooms and bathrooms can be sufficient signs to remove a prospective nursing home from consideration. It is not difficult to notice a staff that puts effort and care to give occupants a great environment. Other indications to consider are staff dress codes and the home’s smell.



Follow Your Intuition.

If you tour a nursing home that appears to check all the right boxes, but you still feel uncomfortable, trust your gut. Transitioning to a nursing home can be unnerving and troublesome for any senior and their families. However, the change can be more natural if everyone involved feels good about the facility selected.

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